To attract customers and keep their interest, a successful business requires a functional, clean and attractive design.

User analysis and user experience are the tools that RED uses for customers.

User Experience permeates every aspect of our daily interactions. Empathy stands as a fundamental component within the realm of UX research. To maintain its effectiveness, UX must consistently center on its objectives and steer clear of becoming unfocused or diffuse.

Selecting an inappropriate user experience type not only elicits negative emotions but also can deter potential customers in the case of public-facing applications, and reduce productivity in the case of internal-use applications.

UX design must give due consideration to the 'first impression' factor, as the initial impression tends to leave a lasting impact and is often the final one to fade away. This underscores the significance we attach to this aspect.

Brand-Awareness is fundamental. We often see personality less applications developed with little care and in a standard way.

Corporate identity is essential both when we interface with the outside world and when we relate to our colleagues. If we show little interest in this aspect, the attitude will become "contagious", customers will think that our solution or that of someone else is equivalent, perhaps based solely on the price factor.

From a business point of view, however, we need to transmit "love" towards what we are building, selling or communicating and this will result in strong attachment to the company.

At RED, we firmly assert the significance of 'Trust.' This trust is not instantly conjured but rather painstakingly nurtured and meticulously preserved through a profound commitment to our promises, undertaken with the same gravity as any important task.

Through thorough user analysis and diligent UX research, RED consistently upholds these commitments. It is this trust that fosters lasting relationships with our customers, cements strong bonds among our colleagues, and propels our business towards growth.

RED has steadfastly adhered to these principles throughout its history, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and consistently engaging in research and development endeavors to explore the potential of emerging innovations.