At RED we deal with the entire software life cycle for years.

Functional design, back-end, front-end and mobile development, DevOps activities, our customers entrust us with projects to create software that adds value to their business.

Back-end development

Backend code development is complex and important. Developers of back-end code must have extensive and in-depth knowledge of many technologies, databases, socket-io, filesystems, messages and events, and much more. It is therefore important that those who work on the back-end layer have a vast IT culture and above all experience.

In RED, thanks to our continuous learning and permanent research activities, we are able to follow our customers with efficient solutions that are always suited to their expectations.

RED solutions for back-end development are based on JAVA, Python, Node.JS, Rust and even RPG400 platforms to fulfill the best result every time and for every specific need.

We guarantee high levels of data integrity and security. After all, it is the bridge between company data and their presentation.

Front-end development

Front-end development must take into account the “first impression” factor.

The first impression is the one that remains and is often the last to disappear, so it is clear how much we take this aspect into serious consideration.

Front-end software must always be focused on the concept of “I give you what I promise” and never become distracting.

We deliver solutions based on React, Angular, Vue.js, Web Components or even WebAssebly. Thanks to the RED SDK platform our software are always effective and we are able to fulfill our customers needs.

It is the trust that keeps customers, it is the trust that keeps colleagues, and it is the trust that makes the business grow.

RED has always developed its front-end applications following these principles, using technologies in step with the times and continuously carrying out R&D activities to study the applicability of emerging ones.

Mobile development

In recent times, the field of Mobile Application Development has witnessed exponential growth, with smartphones now in the hands of every individual worldwide.

This surge in popularity has generated abundant opportunities, heightened demand, and a growing interest in the realm of Mobile Application Development.

RED mobile apps leverage the power of React Native technology, enabling our applications to seamlessly operate on both Android and iOS platforms using a unified code-base.

With React Native, we achieve native-level performance, expedite development processes, and simplify maintenance tasks.