Project management

Projects are planned and then life happens.

In the world of project management, we often create meticulous plans, only to find that reality has its own agenda.

Project management is essentially the art of blending processes, techniques, expertise, and practical wisdom to meet precise project goals while adhering to predefined standards.

Every accomplishment, big or small, begins with the construction of a project blueprint. Yet, a project plan alone cannot flourish without the ideal conditions and well-defined procedures.

RED project managers distinguish themselves through their proficiency in communication, leadership, and creative troubleshooting. They are the skilled helmsmen steering projects toward smooth progress through their adept decision-making abilities.


The term "DevOps" is short for "develop" + "operations". It is a set of practices that provide efficient cooperation and communication between IT development and operations teams at all stages of software product creation.

DevOps promotes a collaborative spirit where the exchange of ideas, mutual trust works to share the same goal and cultural growth.

At RED we are focused on continuous improvement based on customer feedback and on evolving technologies with the aim of optimizing product quality, costs and delivery speed.

We use agile development methodologies such as scrum and through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) techniques, we have an efficiency improved by 60% compared to standard methodologies. Our customers are then involved throughout the development cycle. This has allowed us to achieve 100% successes so far

In the realm of software, numerous options exist, each with its unique characteristics. Our software, however, is designed to seamlessly integrate with cloud technology, and we have a particular expertise in AWS products.

IT consultancy

Expanding upon RED's consulting services, we offer expertise in various IT domains, encompassing tasks such as researching cutting-edge technologies, facilitating strategic IT purchases, and orchestrating the development of bespoke IT solutions.

Additionally, we excel in the meticulous management of large-scale projects, ensuring that they unfold seamlessly.

One distinguishing feature of our consultants at RED is our unwavering commitment to feedback and continuous learning. This ethos is deeply ingrained in our approach, serving as the bedrock upon which our services stand.

When you choose RED as your consulting partner, you can rest assured that you are collaborating with individuals who are not only passionate about their work, but also deeply driven to achieve tangible, impactful results.