Recently, one of our clients commissioned us for a truly interesting project. As always, we got to work, fired up our engines, and sought the best way to meet their needs.

The software developed is a responsive web app that allows anyone with a good internet connection and a smartphone to enhance their English proficiency by interacting with an avatar managed by an AI.

Yes, that's right – through audiovisual interaction with a character, you simply need to turn on your microphone and start conversing.

Our character engages and interacts with the user just like a real teacher. At the end of each session, the learner is ranked to receive various rewards.

After creating a responsive user interface, the real challenge was integrating a 3D character to coordinate all facial expressions and movements through a careful real-time synchronization process of audio and video.

For a flawless user experience, we also implemented a training system to manage microphone quality and, most importantly, internet connection stability.